Daily Assistance in Saint Michael, PA
Rose of Sharon Home

Elderly Receive Help with Hygiene, Toileting, Nutrition Support, and More

Seniors get daily assistance in Saint Michael, PA, at Rose of Sharon Home. As a personal care home in Saint Michael, PA, we help aging people with activities of daily living, or ADLs. Call (814) 495-4642 or contact us online to learn how we can help your elderly loved one.

Our full-time residents and respite care visitors alike can get assistance with ADLs like:

  • Medication Management
  • Nutrition Support
  • Hygiene
  • Dressing
  • Toileting Incontinence
  • And more

Rose of Sharon Home
Staff Understands How to Help with Different ADLs

At Rose of Sharon Home, our staff understands how to help with specific and different ADLs. We train our aides and personal care employees thoroughly with elderly care skills. No matter the ADL, you can rest assured your loved one will receive the senior care he or she needs.

Medication Management

One ADL we help with is medication management. Our staff makes sure that both our full-time residents and respite care visitors receive their medication doses on time. We keep all medication secure, and track the dosages meticulously.

Nutrition Support

Offering nutrition support is another ADL with which we provide assistance. If your loved one requires specific nutritional needs, we can accommodate them. We also strive to meet any and all dietary restrictions.

Hygiene and Dressing

As loved ones grow older, they often need help with maintaining proper hygiene and getting dressed. We make sure residents bathe regularly, wash and groom their hair, brush their teeth, and have clean clothes to wear. Our staff can and does provide personal care services when any resident needs help with any of these tasks.

Toileting Incontinence

As with hygiene and dressing, aging loved ones sometimes have trouble with toileting. Sometimes this trouble leads to incontinence. We assist residents with regular toileting in an attempt to prevent incontinence. If incontinence occurs, as it often can, we gently, thoroughly, and discretely help with that as well.

Offering Senior Care Services and More
In and Around Ebensburg, PA

In addition to helping with ADLs, Rose of Sharon Home offers care services, provides medical support, and plans activities. We train our staff in dementia care and offer respite care services for caregivers as well. Consider touring our personal care home if you live in Somerset County and in Cambria County communities like:

We provide daily assistance in Saint Michael, PA, with activities of daily living at Rose of Sharon Home.