Compassionate, Personalized Home

in Saint Michael, PA

History of Rose of Sharon Home

During the 1920’s, an elegant colonial mansion was built in the small coal mining town of Saint Michael. Built among the “company” homes of its day, it had always been a prominent home in the community. For many years it was a local doctor’s residence and medical practice. Today, it continues to stand in its elegance as the Rose of Sharon Home.

It began as a dream in the mind of Janet Lacko, founder of the Rose of Sharon Home. Having lived across the street from the colonial mansion nearly her entire life, she had often envisioned elderly people living happily in the home outside her window. Her husband, John, shared her dream. Through much planning and hard work, their dream became a reality – the doors to the personal care home were opened to their first resident in August of 1988.

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The tradition of compassionate, professional care has been passed on to the Lackos’ daughter, Sherri Marshall. Sherri has been an integral part of the Rose of Sharon Home since its inception. She became Administrator of the Rose of Sharon Home in 1998. In July of 2015, she also became the owner and operator.

We believe that not only the splendor of the home, but the outstanding care your loved one will receive makes the Rose of Sharon Home an excellent choice! Our residents truly enjoy their life here.


Creating a Compassionate & Caring Home in the Saint Michael Community

Founders of rose of sharon home cambria county pa

John & Janet Lacko


Rose of Sharon Home started as Janet’s dream. She lived across the street from the colonial mansion almost all of her life, and she had often pictured happy, elderly people living there. John shared her dream, and through planning and hard work, that dream finally became reality. They welcomed their first resident into Rose of Sharon Home in 1988.

The Lackos are God-fearing, compassionate, and caring people. They dedicated themselves to providing the elderly community with an elegant, beautiful, and “homey” personal care home. Though Janet has retired, John continues to diligently work to keep the building and grounds a beautiful place for the residents.

Sherri Marshall

Administrator & Board President

Sherri, daughter of John and Janet Lacko, has been an integral part of the Rose of Sharon Home since its inception. She has been operating as the Administrator since early 1999. She, together with her husband, Mike, carries on the passion of caring for our residents.

“Many people have asked me how I can joyfully perform the duties of Administrator. They see it as a depressing and difficult job. Although it has its challenges, the rewards are endless. To see our elderly respond to the love they are given is worth it all! They are my passion and my purpose. Seeing their smiles, happiness, and contentment is in itself the greatest reward!”